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5 Stars – I Absolutely Loved This Book!  OMG, OMG, OMG I couldn’t eat, sleep, clean, shower or talk to anyone while reading this. Children, what children?? This is now an all-time super fav & I can’t stop thinking about this book!!  I must tell everyone I know to stop what they’re doing and go get it, now! On top of that, I feel compelled to stop every random person I see and tell them to do the same! I now have to get my hands on every book this author has ever written & I’m probably stalking their social media pages ;)

4 Stars – I Really Liked This Book! This was a really, really great book and I had a hard such a hard time putting down! Every time I tried to cook or do house chores I found an excuse as soon as possible to sneak back to this book and read. I will definitely be telling ALL my friends and family they should grab a copy of this one soon. Can’t wait to read another book by this author!

3 Stars – This Book Was Good This was a good book to read and I enjoyed picking it up in my spare time! Not a favorite of mine; probably due to either writing style, fairly predictable plot, or something being a tad off with one of the characters. I know of a few friends that would probably like this book so the next time I see them I’ll recommend it as something they might want to read. I look forward to trying another book by this author to see if it’s better suited to my book tastes!

2 Stars – This Book Was Just OK This book didn’t really work for me, it was just kinda OK. I think I even preferred doing housework to reading; it sort of became a chore to get through. Not the worst book I’ve ever read but certainly not my style & parts of the plot just didn’t work for me. I might have a friend who’d like reading this; although now I’m not really sure, I should probably think about it some more. I’d still be interested in trying one more book by this author.

1 Star – This Book Just Didn’t Work Phew, giving myself a little pat on the back for getting through this one! Nothing seemed to work right here; not the storyline or its characters and I just couldn’t get into it! Glad I had another book to start while trying to get through this one; otherwise I might have gone a bit bonkers!! Obviously I won’t be recommending this to anyone & I doubt I’ll try anything else by this author. Thank god I only stumble across one of these every few years; clearly this was not the book for me!


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