Monday, April 20, 2015

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Released: 03-24-15
The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie is a terrific YA Horror/Mystery that is perfect for ages 13 and over. It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything in this genre and I will honestly say that it was this book’s amazing cover that drew me in and made me want to read it. Sunshine and her mom have just moved from Texas to WA State for her mom’s new job. From her first glance out the car window Sunshine is convinced they’ve moved to the ultimate creepy house. It quickly becomes clear that the house is haunted and that Sunshine is the only one that can see and remember the strange happenings that are going on. No matter how much physical evidence Sunshine shows her, her mom either can’t see it or remember any of it the next day, definitely something strange going on there! Luckily, Sunshine befriends a very sweet, cute boy at school, Nolan, who not only believes her but also seems to have some experience in researching ghost stories thanks to his grandfather. The two team up together and investigate the strange happenings in Sunshine’s house, they soon discover that Sunshine is no ordinary girl and this is no ordinary haunting.

Sunshine is such a refreshing, realistic character in the YA genre, now these are the kind of girls I want my daughter reading about! She has a great relationship with her mom; they are super close and completely honest with each other and as a mom to teenagers, I loved reading about their relationship. She’s also really shy around boys and new people in general and I think this is a pretty accurate portrayal of a teen that’s been uprooted from everything she knows and is used too. What I loved most though was that she doesn’t have boys fawning all over her, telling her how beautiful she is while she herself thinks she’s such a plain Jane, I’m so sick of that storyline!! Sunshine knows she may not be the prettiest girl in school and she would certainly change her frizzy hair if she had the opportunity too but you can also sense her inner confidence, even if she doesn’t realize its full potential yet. She’s got her own unique style and she’s not afraid to show it off.

This is a fast paced, super fun, spine tingling tale and I loved every minute of it! You can’t help but root for Sunshine; she is so likable and her internal monologues are spot on. I recently read that this will be book one in a soon to be series and I predict it will be hugely popular with teens of all ages as well as adults who read the YA genre. I could even see this being made into a TV series on a network like The CW, ABC Family or MTV; I hear there’s already a huge following on the young authors YouTube series of the same name. Highly, highly recommend; even if scary, spooky stories aren’t your thing, you’ll love The Haunting of Sunshine Girl.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Weinstein Books and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Author: Page McKenzie
Formats Available: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover
Pages: 306 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks bud! I know you liked the cover on this one :)

  2. Sounds like a great read!

    1. Not the normal type of book I read but I couldn't help it, the cover is awesome! I'm so glad I gave it a try, it's different & so much fun!

  3. It has been too long since I have enjoyed a YA horror book. All of them seem like the same storyline, characters, and romance. But this one sounds different and I will definitely have to give it a try!
    Tessa @ Crazy for YA

    1. I totally agree with you, I used to love YA Horror (back in my 20s) but after awhile they were all the same & I became bored. I'm so glad I gave this one a shot, its so different, fun and unexpected!! I hope you get a chance to try it, if you do let me know what you thought of it :)