Thursday, May 21, 2015

Guest Review ~ Chess Team Adventure Series

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Author: Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis
Format: eBook, Paperback, Audio
Publisher: Breakneck Media
Publication Date: 01-13-14    Pages: 286 (Prime)
America's most elite soldiers are about to uncover one of history's deadliest secrets...

When a raid on an insurgent safehouse leads to a clue to decoding one of the world's greatest mysteries--the Voynich manuscript--which may contain a recipe for creating the ultimate biological weapon of mass destruction, Delta operator Jack Sigler must forge a new black ops team to avert catastrophe. While bullets fly, he recruits a group of deadly warriors with dangerous secrets, assigning each member a chess piece callsign and dubbing them Chess Team.

But nothing is what it seems...and no one can be trusted. As the search for the truth about the manuscript moves across Asia and into the darkest reaches of human history, Chess Team must battle enemies beyond comprehension--nightmare creatures of myth and perverse creations of science--to preserve a secret as old as life itself.

In 2009, bestselling novelist Jeremy Robinson launched the adventures of Jack Sigler and Chess Team. Now, learn how it all began! Witness Chess Team's beginning as King, Queen, Bishop, Rook, Knight and the elusive Deep Blue come together to form the only military force smart enough and dangerous enough to face the world's most deadly, most high tech and most monstrous threats.

Recently my hubby finished a series of books that I could tell he really, really enjoyed. He talked about these books & the characters constantly so I suggested he write a review. I was surprised that after very little prodding he actually agreed :) The Jack Sigler Thrillers, starting with Pulse, are now in development for a movie series directed by Jabbar Raisan (Game of Thrones). So now is the perfect time to check out these books! 

His So-Called Review:

I started this series without any expectations. I had just finished the series The Event Group Thrillers by David L. Golemon and was pleasantly surprised by the genre so I quickly looked up similar style books. After starting a few series by popular writers, I found that I was not drawn into the world or characters of the super duper elite fighting teams of detailed Special Forces. I knew that there had to be something that I could emerge myself into while carpooling to work on my van-pool. I soon found this series first book, Prime. I immediately found the characters individually entertaining and uniquely robust.

I really enjoyed all the locations that the team visits and the dangerous threats they must  overcome together as a team. From ancient folklore to futuristic science, the team overcomes staggering odds that seem to project them into their next mission. With state of the art weapons and pure military instincts; Jack Sigler leads "Queen", "Rook", "Bishop" and "Knight" across the globe in action packed, after action packed adventures.

Each member of the team has his or her own unique set of character traits that is key to their individual call sign. These call signs are based on the game of chess. The villains and pawns are believable and help shoot you into "could be" and "what ifs". The chess piece names are perfect for the maneuvering of the characters the author defines through the team’s handler A.K.A. Deep Blue.

The missions the team embarks upon are based on genetic sciences and anomalies. Pure fantasy with a taste of realism that will grab your inner childhood dreams of fighting monsters and modified humans. After a few books I realized that there are parallel books that develop each individual team member according to their call sign. I did some research and had to stop reading the book I was on to go back and read the individual books. I had noticed that it seemed like I had missed an episode or fallen asleep during a movie and was trying to catch up. Once I deciphered the timeline order, I was off to the races!

I have to add that these books are quick reads and great for my attention span (which my wife says if that of a sixteen year old). Overall I have to say I've recommended this series to other people who enjoy a fantastical thriller with pseudoscience and cryptology running a muck in a world of mystery and suspense.

Thanks hubby for your fabulous review!! And be sure to check out these other great titles in the Chess Team Adventure Series:

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