Friday, June 5, 2015

ARC Review ~ Blurring Lines by Chloe Walsh

Rating: 5/5 stars
Author: Chloe Walsh
Formats Available: eBook
Publication Date: 05-22-15               Pages: 236
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Mackenzie Moore's world came crashing down on her when she was just a child. Her innocence was robbed. Her future was corrupted and dismantled.

The events of Mackenzie's past have morphed her into the heartless creature she comes across as. She trusts no one, feels nothing, and avoids everyone... everyone except her step-brother Cade.

Cade is the one person who can shake Mackenzie's icy facade.

Cade is also the one person who is utterly forbidden...

But living together in such small quarters leads to blurred lines...

*****Warning Explicit Content 18+*****

This fictional story focuses on the lives of high school students and contains graphic scenes of sexual violence, promiscuity, bullying, physical violence, excessive bad language, self-harm, rape, abduction, cheating, child abuse, and substance abuse. Some scenes in this book may be extremely upsetting for some readers and due to its explicit content, Blurring Lines is recommended for mature readers of eighteen years old and above.

My So-Called Review:

I was sooooo not prepared for how good Blurring Lines turned out to be! When I accepted the ARC I thought I was signing on for a hot steamy romance/erotica type story. Then I read a few reviews on Amazon and found out that this book dealt with some really heavy issues but I wasn’t sure what exactly since the early reviews were all a little vague, thankfully! I wasn’t disappointed in learning this information since I usually prefer story-lines with a darker undertone and seedy characters so learning this just made me even more intrigued to begin reading. At just over 200 pages with small chapters and a fast moving plot I was able to read this in one sitting. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much this story was going to gut me, like seriously gut me to my core and leave me raw! Mackenzie (Kenzie) and Cade’s story is so beautiful and so, so devastating that it just left me completely speechless when I finished.

Blurring Lines starts out as this sweet story about two kids, Kenzie and Cade, as they meet and then become the best of friends; I really loved these first chapters! It then follows them throughout their preteen years as they grow up and become closer and you see the beginnings of stronger feelings developing by both of them. I love that this was told from both their POVs in alternating chapters, it really works well in this type of story. By age 15 they’re on the cusp of finally declaring their love when something horrific and tragic happens to Kenzie that causes her to be taken from everything she knows and loves. The pain and desperation that these characters go through while separated is so heart wrenching, it buries so deep inside you that you’ll feel it all the way to your core.

I don’t want to say anything more about what happened to Kenzie or why she was taken away because it’s really best to start reading with a fresh, open mind. Thankfully, after years of being apart Kenzie returns home, but this is not an easy reunion where the two main characters run happily into each other’s arms. Kenzie is not the same girl she used to be; now broken and scarred all she wants is Cade, it was thoughts of him that kept her going during her ordeal. Cade wants Kenzie just as badly; he wants to protect her, and heal her, and love her but it’s not that simple There are complications and obstacles in their way that neither one knows how to overcome.

This is such a powerful story that ends with such a bang and a punch you’ll need some Xanax just to recover! I loved this book so much and would highly recommend this to anyone who isn’t triggered by the topics listed above by the author; seriously this book is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18! I was extremely happy to learn that Book 2 will be coming out this September as I NEED to know how Kenzie and Cade’s story turns out!!!

Thank you so much to author Chloe Walsh for writing this amazing story and to Tracey-Lee Mylchreest for contacting me with a request to read Blurring Lines in exchange for my honest review!!


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