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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway ~ What Makes it Worthy by David Paul Kuhn

Welcome to my tour stop for What Makes it Worthy by David Paul Kuhn! As a Political Analyst, Kuhn has written "perhaps the most accurate depiction yet written about how the relationship between the media and the modern presidential campaign shapes American politics". This tour runs from September 17th thru October 15th and consists of reviews, spotlights, and some incredible interviews! Check out the tour page for more information and be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post for your chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card from the author!

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Author: David Paul Kuhn
Available Formats: eBook & Paperback
Publishers: CLM 
Publication Date: 07-21-15          Pages: 472 
What Makes It Worthy is the personal story of Taylor Solomon and Cait Ellis. Taylor is a rising star at America's fastest-growing political media machine. Cait is a young New York Times reporter who wrestles with the shadow of her legendary mother.

And it is an historic--yet familiar--campaign. The Republican, who hails from one of America's power clans and has long been in the national spotlight, seeks to become the first female president. Her Democratic opponent, a State Department veteran setting the election afire with populism, hopes to make his own history as the first Hispanic president. On the campaign trail, as ethics gray and events envelop politicians, operatives, and reporters--as Cait and Taylor struggle with how much distance must be accepted between their ideals and their choices--the political not only becomes personal, but also threatens to upend their lives, as well as the presidential campaign itself.

Written by well-known political journalist David Paul Kuhn, What Makes It Worthy is "a heartfelt page-turner that proves a good novel can both entertain you and inform you," in the words of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

The novel is also perhaps the most accurate depiction yet written about how the relationship between the media and the modern presidential campaign shapes American politics. 

My So-Called Review: 
What Makes it Worthy is a book I can honestly say that I probably never would have read on my own. I read so many different types of books but there are still several genres that I tend to shy away from, one of which is political fiction and/or thrillers. No specific reason for this, just never felt drawn to books full of politics or the political world. Recently, one of my favorite bloggers asked if I’d like to participate in the blog tour for this book and I almost declined. But then I thought about how she’s never steered me wrong on a book recommendation and how I do like to step outside my book comfort zone now and again so in the end, I decided to give this one a try. I’m so glad now that I made that decision!

What Makes it Worthy starts out as we follow two rising political journalists. Taylor Solomon writes for the Washington Current and Cait Ellis writes for the New York Times. These promising journalists are covering two head-runners in a historic presidential campaign; Democratic candidate Josh Girona and Republican candidate Constance Wallace. What makes this such a historic presidential race is that Wallace hopes to be our nation’s first female president while Girona hopes to be our nation’s first Hispanic president. As these candidates duke it out on the campaign trail we become privy to what really goes on behind the scenes of a political race. We also watch as our two main characters, Taylor and Cait, fall in love and must balance their own private relationship amid the backlash of the media world.

As I began reading this novel I became increasingly excited to realize it was not at all what I originally thought it would be. Yes, this book is political fiction but it’s also so much more! I was not expecting the love story aspect nor all the scandal and intrigue. I was so completely caught up in this story that I flew through the pages and at one point even startled myself when I stopped to take a break and discovered how close I was to the end! This is one of those rare books that reads more like a movie or a television show, each scene coming to light vividly in my mind. David Paul Kuhn’s writing is brilliant and he’s created fully fleshed out, three dimensional characters that for me, seemed to step right off the page.

I loved this book and eagerly passed it along to my husband who reads a lot of political mysteries. He’s now reading it and is totally hooked; actually, he hasn’t really spoken to me since he started reading it Lol But I can’t wait for him to finish so we can discuss that stellar ending!! It’s hard for me to compare it to other books of this genre since it’s not one I typically read so I’ll say that if you’re a fan of shows such as House of Cards then you should definitely pick up What Makes it Worthy and give it a try, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! This was an easy five star rating for me and I look forward to reading more from David Paul Kuhn in the future.

Many thanks to Sage at Sage’s Blog Tours for contacting me to see if I’d like to join this blog tour and for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!

About the Author:
David Paul Kuhn is a writer and political analyst living in New York City. He is the author of the political novel What Makes It Worthy—an “absorbing novel” that is “all too real” (political strategist James Carville), “captivating” (novelist Matthew Thomas), “a genuinely tender love story” (Kirkus Reviews).

Kuhn has held senior writing positions across the political-media landscape, from Politico to RealClearPolitics to CBSnews.com. He has also written for The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Washington Post Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, among other publications, and regularly appears on networks ranging from BBC to Fox News. As the Macmillan Speakers Bureau described him, “David Paul Kuhn is an expert analyst of presidential and gender politics.” He is also the author ofThe Neglected Voter, which General Wes Clark called “a brilliantly insightful analysis of American politics.”

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