Thursday, April 30, 2015

Booking Into Spring: Mini Challenge #2

Mini-Challenge #2: The Name Game

The Second Read-A-Thon Mini-Challenge is The Name Game! It works like this; we are given a specific category and we have to choose book, either released or not yet released that fall under the category. The hard part? We can only use books with titles that spell out our name. This sounds fun and definitely challenging! Luckily I don't have any Q's or Z's in my name, otherwise I'd be in trouble!! Thanks again to the ladies at  Novel Ink and Latte Nights Reviews for hosting these great mini-challenges :)


 Category:  Books You’re Excited to Read

Jack of Spades by Joyce Carol Oates

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline

Normal by Cameron Graeme (#1 spot on my TBR!!)

Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain

Inn at Ocean's Edge (The) by Colleen Coble

First Wife (The) by Erica Spindle

Edge of Normal (The) by Carla Norton

Rocks (The) by Peter Nichols

 *For some added fun and a little more challenge I decided to include my last name as well, I was just having too much fun :)

Love (You#2) by Caroline Kepnes

After We Fall by Emma Kavanah

Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn

Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes

Center of Gravity by Laura McNeill

American Psycho by Brent Easton Ellis




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